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Friday, March 11, 2011

Time heals all

Time heals all

Philosophically time heals all
But the pain is real
The agony lives on
Time and distance will make you strong
A sound will remind you of the fun we had
A taste will bring back a meal
The sight of falling stars will show the night
Songs we shared will take you back
Driving by a field will flood back a moment in time?
Dancing among the flowers
Waking up at five to hit beach before sunrise
Putting your head in ice to clear the cobwebs
From the barn fire
Walking across the border
Seeing the wagon tracks from years ago
Watching the sunset from bald point
Camping in trail

Waking up in a dream scream
Marriage some call it
Your best friend a stranger
Change before your eyes
With hate on her mind

1 comment:

williampwright said...

Time heals all except maybe time