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Friday, June 20, 2014

White noise

The silence
Calming rage
Regret in everything done
No wrong right choices
Many right wrong decisions
des idioms

The music plays
A dull hum in the background
Like rain splashing on the window
The  words a whisper

Silence is like that
Whirling in turbulent waters
Running in quick sand
Slow option merry go round
I miss you sometimes

The music plays louder
A tune discernible
Echoing off the walls
Like that distant waterfall
Lost on the wilderness

Silent rage
A hungry anger
Insatiable appetite
impossible to feed
Consuming from within

White noise with rhythm
Words echoing  in my head
Feeling the beat on my skin
Guitars steaming in poetic harmony
When the music and my heart beat as one
Exploding in their own time
How you remember it
Is not how I remember it
Missing you all the same
White noise between realities
Then there is silence

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