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Monday, June 9, 2014

Daddy can you

Daddy can you
Daddy can you
Bring my teddy and blanky
The words kids say
That stick in your heart
Can't say no
Daddy read to me
Daddy read to me
Can you read that story
That story you never end the same
Read to me till I fall sleep
Watch me to keep the ghosts away
Daddy can I go
Daddy can I go
I am going to a party
I will not drink and drive
There is years in between
But the answer is still the same
I will come no matter the time
Or how far the drive
All those memories come flowing back
as I stand here above
looking down above the ground
daddy hold me tight
feel my heart through your hands
tell me all those stories again
daddy I miss you now that your gone
all those memories come back
as I stand here above the ground

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