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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

quid pro quo

Egregious tenure
Tenuous freedom
Fascism deceives
Communism controls
Results all the some
Big brothers virtual guarantee
Freedoms contractual obligations
Academic sterilization
Thought police frog steps criticizers out
First targets are opponents
Cleansed by fire
Books tossed on the flames
The formula of control
Those considered inferior uneducated
And malnutritioned
Breaching the civil contract
Egregious tenure
Tenuous freedom
Big brothers formulated strategy
Determine what they teach
Terminate opponents rigorously
Heinrich Heine’s poem destined to burn too
Sanitize the books
Imprison the inferior and dehumanize
Silence the deans’ quid pro quo
Engage in a free flow of ideas


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williampwright said...

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