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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dress Parade

Putin pushing the borders of extremes
The world slowly standing up
And pushing back
Protestors with Ak’s and rocket launchers
Bringing the helicopters down

Terrorists kidnapping all the girls
Scratching and screaming in front of a rusted tank
Sounding crazy saying god is great
He told me to sell them at market
The AK swinging back and forth

A king sending bombs down
Raining down on his people
A people who wanted a voice
Homs in a gas filled rage
The world slowly wondering why
Collecting the chemicals of death
Thinking it will make death cleaner

Russia clawing at bigger
With sticks and stones
Snipers with children in the cross hairs
Masked men carrying gas and bombs
All the while the puppet master laughs

The world lighting the fuses
The powder sits in the kegs
Soldiers cleaning their guns
And shining their boots
They’re about to go on dress parade

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