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Monday, January 20, 2014

God intended it that way

Tripping over shadows
God meant it that way
Worrying about the forgotten
Living in an old painting
The way things used to be
a snapshot of happiness
amongst all that misery
Deception has a face
The one watching you
A future unaware
Chasing shadows
One following everywhere
Dancing with mercury and lead
Swinging on the edge of the world
A journey of errors
Locked in stone
Buried in smoldering ash
Heroin induced hallucination
Walls breathing individually
Amusing unusual thing
Living in the shadows
That old painting over there
Tripping over the darkness
That holds all that is dear
A memory previously owned
Existing in the background
Appearing with the twilight
Disappearing with the purple of dawn
Worrying about the forgotten
Amongst all that misery

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