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Saturday, January 25, 2014

the ghost is thirsty

The ghost is thirsty
Squeezing water from stone
A ditch and a home
Drowning in anticipation
Killed by the ambulance
Sent to tend
Blood flows meat and bone
Standing over a head stone
Here to all the memories
The ones we can never share
Watching the whiskey
Soak into the ground
Leaving the shot glass
And the bottle for you to share
The ghost is thirsty
Waiting another year
Till I bring another shot glass
For you and I to share
Listening to the wind
I hear your words float
Whispering faintly in the breeze
I tell you about my life
And the family you have through me
Watching the whiskey soak in
The tragedy combined
 A marble angel keeps watch
Not to close
Not too far
Asking silent questions
The answers rhetorical

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