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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shadows sways in the wind

The noose tightens
Oxygen restricted
The last sunset takes hold
A rain over cast day
Some how poetic irony

Broken heart
Broken dreams
Broken lullaby

The cowboy know
Reality has a harsh humour
Even in the last second
Hope lingers like dew
Moist on the morning

Laughter and tears
Smiles and regard
There should be more

Hanging in air
Inches above the ground
Lost between here and there
There is a voice
Telling a stories

I am sorry
For this and that
But mostly for not being more

The noose is cut
The man is lowered
Waiting to be taken home
Answers that never mattered
Questions with little empathy

Broken heart
I am sorry
Broken dreams
For this and that
Broken  lullabies
Not being more

The sun sets
Just another ordinary day
Cloudy with intermittent showers
Poetic justification looms
There is silence

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