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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One second to midnight

Finding one
Distractions to pass time
The never was
replacement to be measured against
The always will be
Let go of history
Learn what's inside
And what's out there
Avoid filling empty
Forgive trusting hope
Let go of yesterday

Finding one
In the multiples of maybes
Avoiding all the wannabes
Deleted memories
Bored indifference
Said so well
removed anyway
A distraction yesterday
Use and discard
Replace so easily
Then there is that one
The one that won't let go
Time can't heal
Like that photo from a hundred years ago
Burned in and scared over
subconsciously comparable  
Mocking reality
Die a little everyday
Getting closer to the end
Swirling in their malice
Locked in time
Hope can be pessimistic
One second to midnight

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