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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

This is my purgatory

My Purgatory
Pennants for something
I should have done
Karma paying it forward
For something I may never do
My purgatory 
An ice wilderness 
Snowy wasteland 
One thousand miles from no where
God sends tests
Every one of which 
I was not ready for
Some I didn't recognize 
Some I simple ignored 
God has patience 
So sends one more
You sit with contrite honesty
Gravity pulling me to the floor
Down is up 
Up is down
This is my purgatory 
Tumbling reality 
Without guide wires or mats 
Mixing metaphors 
Truth is what we wish it to be
Time is a human quality 
The narcissism of humanity 
Ships bells at sea
Sound that sees in the fog 
This is my purgatory 

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