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Sunday, January 25, 2015

happiness without pretense

Impatiently edgy
Expectations falling short
I didn't put you down
No but your eyes did
My eyes are the most deceiving
Your eyes are the only honesty
The only real thing revealing
Bucket list changing conversation
Not even a little subtly
I have been checking them off
One by one but I can’t tell you
I don't have a bucket list
Not even one
I keep this silent
But all the reasons
Run through my mind
A list of things to do
Before I die
Seems so morbidly self defeating
Doomed for failure
Cause once checked off
Well your dead
creating a list is striving
fulfilling an emptiness
I see that as looking for happiness
striving for perfection
journey to happiness is a perfection worth striving for
I have done so many things
Been in love and out
Tasted fine wine
Pushed the edge of adrenaline
Been dead and back again
Jumped out of airplanes
Felt the cold silence of the wind
Climbed mountains in the rain
Made mistakes and corrected them
Disappointed with my trust
Lived with it
Ran through froze fields
Pushing pass the edge of doubt
Watched the tides at sunrise
Reflecting broken dreams
Once you go there
You can never come back
If I ever created a bucket list
It would have one item
Find happiness without pretense
An invalid impossibility
A private internal conversation
Never stated
Her voice breaks the silence
I have been seeing someone
He is a little short
He has a bucket list too
Why are you telling me this?
We are just friends nothing more
Happiness is perfection worth striving for
Get jiggy with it

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