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Saturday, June 27, 2015

anonymous memories

Beautifully immature
Innocence immunity
Water glows in moon light
The tide washes desire away
Don’t chase dreams any more

Walking dust
We are all just participles
From the sun
Billions of combinations
All redone

The real price
To be paid later
Ticket time beating away
A server just turns
Walks away

Bearing memories
In a little box
Covering it in sand
On an anonymous beach
The sand is warm

Found a moment
It will last forever
Love fades
Mourning the memory
All it takes is time

Love has an expiry date
In the night water glows
One of those moments
It will last forever

So dig the hole deep
Place memories in the box
The cherished protected
Cover with sand

Swim back to the boat
Water is warm and welcoming
Gone with the tide

How many anonymous people
Stood on that anonymous beach

Artificial real
Bearing memories deep

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