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Thursday, June 11, 2015

do overs

Do overs
Broken minds
Real choices
Hate and pain burn away
Obsession and love fade
Repeating the same old mistakes
Expecting different results
The world is your oyster
Even those is gives you
Idiopathic anaphylaxis
Life is a death sentence
Fatal to be on this earth
Broken hearts
Unfaithfully yours
Echoing off the clouds
Choices people make
Poetic optics
Receiving the same call
Hinting at the truth
Trust in oneself broken
Trust in others destroyed
Paying the pain forward
Revenge never works
Time runs out
Con-people toxic
Smile like it doesn’t hurt
Laugh like it doesn’t matter
You are disposable to them
Tossed after one use
Try to forgive yourself

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