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Friday, November 15, 2013

Defining Grey

Every villain has a friend
Antagonist to their protagonist
A hero to their villain
they have an admirer
The dark side with a smile
Every friend has a antagonist
A villain needs a hero
On the light side of tomorrow
Some how defining all the gray
Seen you arguing with the world
Taking all challengers
Steadfast and resolute
Facing overwhelming odds
It wasn't till later i realized
The arguing was about the fight
Certainly not about the right
Falsehoods  your glue
Talking with you was walking on ice
Out of control and little traction
Directional challenged
There is no black and white
Everything is in shades of grey
The question changes with every answer
What appears right in the light
Feels wrong with the dark
All smiles with no illusions


Neil said...

I hate this poem (sayeth my doppelganger self) --- Wait a minute! I love this poem (sayeth my buskologist self).

William Wright said...

What does you doppelganger self hate about it..... you know you kind of sounded like Dr. Slasher and Mr. Hyde there.......or was that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde