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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rushing Out of Time

Sitting at a light
In a rage against time
Looking over to the right
I see where I was
A young man in a hurry
Going too fast
 Making all those mistakes
Depositing in the regret account
 Ignoring wisdom
Like it is bugs on the windshield
If it was only possible
To go back in time
Knowledge flowing backwards
Looking to the left
I see where I will be
An old man that bides
Staying at the light through green
Looking at space in a dream
Penance for this life
Time running down
A man out of sand
The light turns to amber
A new man is to the right
The space on the left is empty
The light turns to red
There is no space to the left
Everyone is in a hurry
Needing to get some place
Only to end up here
Rushing  out of time


Neil said...

The world is too much with us ...
(William Wordsworth)

William Wright said...

I know.....That poem is a result of sitting at the same light on Lewvan everyday........seems like it is always red