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Saturday, December 21, 2013


Regrets never done
Bound in one’s own skin
Ironic should haves 

Bound by skin and bone
A novel read in monotone
About this colorless world

Qui vive whispers in the dark
Who goes there?
Delusional trespassing pedestrians

Residing in this lugubrious satisfactory
Fearing the shadows in the dark
If this is hell there needs to be a heaven

All those should have been
All those could have been
Bound in one’s own skin

Just another irreverent narrative
Edwardian monotone
As the rain pours down

Then the snow piles high
Making all humor frosty
Bound to skin and bone

In the name of this colorless world
The Qui vive whispers in the dark
Fearing the shadows in the grays


neil child said...

delusional trespassing pedestrians ... quite the line:) Is this the description for all of us on this blue orb, all of us being delusional and just spinning through space as if we know what we're doing. Ha! I love that line!

williampwright said...

Yes I think it does...just spinning through space glossed eyed and confused