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Sunday, October 6, 2013

being part of Happiness

Being a part of happiness
When heaven knows your name
Why did you go
Why did I stay
Not sure who you are
The greatest love overcomes
Making love stronger
That makes it eternal
Climbing mountains to be by your side
I am not perfect
I was made for one
As contradictory as it appears
Mated with only one other for life
Everything else fades in time
When heaven knows your name
And keeps a photo in her mind
Being a part of happy for a life time
When that moment lasts
50 years disappears in seconds
Why did you stay
Why did I go
Not sure who you have become
The greatest love faces the greatest adversity
A love like that was meant to last
Swimming oceans to be by your side
Anything else is just lust
Fading fast like a million sunsets
I am not perfect
It just took time
Why did you
Why didn't I
When Heaven knows
keeping secrets

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