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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In Whose Image

Under the cross
Many things have been done
In god’s name
Praying to the east is all the same
Every god has his sinners
Justifying actions in their name
Walking on decay
Breaking bones on their way
The righteous minority
Bullying the many in shame
Preying on good will
Gullibility of the flock
Under the cross of St James
I ponder gods plan
Wishing for a better day
A trust in heavens will
Who made who in whose image


Neil said...

Your poems have acquired an evangelistic theme (as of late). Are you seeking a new redemption or a new recreation?

William Wright said...

I have never thought of that but maybe it's a result of being in gridlock on Lewvan of as late and alway near the old CBC building. That coupled with three churches near work.... So redemption or creation I think more like observation.