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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Somehow someone will find her way
More then a cuddle and a grind
Someone who can see the purples in the grays
Find a flower in a desert
Reach pass the thorns
To grab the heart protected within
He takes up the story from here
Heard your voice before I seen you standing there
Knew in that instant that something would come of it
Then you turned to walk the other way
Glancing once as you disappeared
Tried so hard to think of anything to get you to stay
Her thoughts are voiced in real time
Seen you look my way
I had nothing more to say
In that instant I knew there was more
I felt you reach past my soul
Gently hold my heart in your hand
So gently let it go
I wish you would have asked me to stay
I didn't trust so had to turn away
Glancing just once before I had to disappear
His gravelly words join in
I watched you go with the flow of the crowd
Blending in to the throng
Somehow I know you would reappear
So I stood there for a while
Hoped that you would walk back
Find an excuse to return
So I stood there for way to long
Before I too turned and joined the throng
Going where the crowd choose
Ending up lost on a one way street
She watched him turn and go
Why was he just standing there staring
Why did he reach in to hold my heart
Why did he gently let it go
She wanted to follow but all she could do was stare
The sun sets on the gloom of the day
She watches as purples overcome the gray
She hears his voice from the crowd
Hears him before seeing him standing near
The colors seem to push the gloom away


Anonymous said...


A Work of Art
Love it

William Wright said...

Thank you for your comment