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Thursday, October 3, 2013


An acoustic guitar
Strumming with the waves
As they beat the shore 
Lyrics about my time will come
I am going home 
Wanting to see you one last time 
Remembering all the good times with you
Your eyes the color of the sky
The land reminds me of how the heart pounds
Sitting in the sand writing  songs
About that brown eyed girl
Finding the one
The one that haunts all those dreams
Echoing sounds across the tracks
Fading for me
The one you once wanted to spend forever with
Now you know forever 
When ever she comes around
For now I will enjoy his lonely songs 
The sound of the acoustic guitar 
The gravely broken hearted voice 
Singing his lonely song 
Strumming with the waves
About that girl beyond gone
After a time the strummer fades
I remain catching a few last rays


Neil said...

My kind of poem! For I am just a busker ... a customary hustler ... slingin' my guitar where certain people gather ...

William Wright said...

Thought you would enjoy this one.