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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Arguing with infinity

Unattainable perfection
Impossible desire
Pang of hollowness
Arguing with infinity
Unrealistic choices
Picking the most unlikely
The decision pre made
Upset at the outcome anyway
Lonely solicitude frozen in ice
Pain becoming numb
Suffering the mundane everyday
Desensitized to a breath of fresh air
Spinning in no meaning
Hope is the human condition
A frailty list on me
Consequences of life
Time runs away
Strike one
The ball comes in low on the out side
Take time it's running out
Body relaxes bat goes up
Put that foot back in the box
Thoughts wonder back to the zone
Sun low on the horizon
Strike two
That ball had heat
Straight down the mild
Pull it together Bubba
Words from the past float in the air
Live for the moment
You got nothing the catcher taunts
Silence and smile his only response
Watching the ball leave the pitcher hand
The decision already made 

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