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Monday, March 10, 2014

Reality Diverged

It’s been years
I miss you so much
I talk to you in my dreams
It starts out always the same
Black and white like all relationships
At that coffee shop down by the bay
Alone at a table for two in that crowed room
Music plays softly over the hum of voices
 An item here and there is in color
A photo on the wall
A place I have never been
That face in the crowd from across the room
The reflections off the windows
Colored reflections of a black and white world
Reality seeps in from time to time
Using the same excuse from a century before
Guns all loaded a war started long ago
Suits all talking and saying nothing
There we sit alone at a table for two
I remember every single word
Then nothing at all
That dream that ends for us all
It always ends the same
Everything seems to fade away
Black and white reflections of a colored world
Everything clear and in color
Except those few items in grey
That dream that starts and ends the same
It is in between that is different every time
The reality that somehow diverged

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